April Mechs Direct Special

Introducing our new monthly specials, now is your opportunity to save some serious £ as if you weren't doing already! This months Special contains: ● 1 x Kennedy Vindicator Style Kit (your choice of colour) ● 2 x genuine Samsung 25r batteries with FREE cases ● Any 120ml shortfill genuine 4 Seasons E-liquid of your choice (let us know in comments section) ● Your choice of 810 drip tip (let us know in comments section) ● 10 x superman battery wraps Choice of E-liquid is Caramel Custard, Mango and orange, Raspberry screwball or Spearmint. Choice of 810 Drip tip is red low profile, black low profile, or any colour resin 810. Please note: Discount codes CANNOT be used on our monthly specials due to already heavy discount. Any orders placed with a discount code will be refunded. This months special will be available until 01/05/2019 subject to availability.

£44.90 £55(-18.36%)

Vindicator Style Kit Colour: *